The A5 arrived at D Performance Garage with reported misfire issues, general loss of power . The diagnosis of the reported problem resulted in some necessary wiring repairs, followed by data logged testing on our rolling road dynameter. Results showed that there was a consistent cut of ignition at high rpm during an attempt to power run the vehicle. As the ECU software map was unknown, to eliminate faults it was decided to revert the ECU to original software; this mainly demanded less boost pressure from the turbine, in turn allowed the spark kernel produced by the spark plug to have enough energy to ignite the mixture under compression. In the case that the compressed mixture is of higher pressure than usual, as is with already tuned ECU software, the spark produced for ignition can get easily extinguished; this is usually driven by the spark plug gap.
A set of NGK Stage 2 spark plugs was installed as the current spark plugs deteriorated with age and usage, reducing the spark plug gap significantly. With new spark plugs, fresh oil and filters a custom ECU software map was developed with the aid of our dynamometer to run on this A5. The initial results on the stock ECU software were 207.6Hp and 312.4Nm – indicating a torque loss put power remained as quoted by Audi specification of this engine. Once the final custom D Performance ECU software was flashed and tested the results increased to 247.7HP and 374.4Nm, giving a total gain of 40Hp and 62Nm. Importantly, the drivability of the engine improved by producing a desired flat torque curve and a consistent rise in power across the whole rpm range. There were no more issues with the ignition and this Audi A5 transformed into a slick and dynamic smile machine for out customer.

Mercedes Benz S350d 2018

The W222 350d S Class is paired with a inline 6 cylinder engine. A 2.9L displacement is developed from a modular cylinder unit that includes similarities with 4 cylinder variants. This is a modern way for engine manufacturers to cut production costs. In stock ECU trim the engine is able to produce around 286Hp and 600Nm. However, on a large and heavy vehicle like this luxurious S Class, high power and torque is important for dynamic acceleration and driving. In practice a good indication of car performance is power to weight ratio.

This variant of the S Class would have a power to weight ratio of around 0.14Hp/kg in standard trim. Fortunately, these engines are limited by original software, giving plenty of potential for stage 1 ECU chip tuning. Our customer desired that the vehicle increased power and torque. It was also important to satisfy lower fuel consumption, smooth torque delivery and great drivability as this vehicle provides service within the chauffer industry. After initial stock dynamometer testing the result indicated around 30Nm less than should be out of the factory. Interestingly, the vehicle was after a recent service at Mercedes Benz. Keeping this in mind the ECU was removed from the vehicle for method of safe bench flashing and we could get to work developing our custom ECU chip tuning software. Once the software was created and flashed onto the ECU a dynamometer test was completed. The figures indicated a significant increase of 65Hp and 132Nm. However, it was discovered that the air filter, which should be freshly replaced at Mercedes Benz during a recent service, was in fact not recently replaced. This made it more difficult for the engine to supply enough air mass flow, therefore restricted power. With a complete engine service and the addition of a new air filter at D Performance Garage another dynamometer test was completed. This time the figures increased by a further 18Hp and 26Nm. A total of 362Hp and 730Nm was achieved after taking care of this Mercedes Benz W222 S Class 350d at D Performance Garage London. Finally, the awaited power to weight ratio increased to 0.18Hp/kg an increase of 28.6%